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gaah…I wanted to finish as much freebies, commi, and AT yesterday and past yesterday but I got sick and was Off-limits to my laptop (meaning I had to stay bed ridden)

Forgive me. ;v ;  I really had urges to draw but maaaan it’s such a hard no choice but to stay in bed, I’m feeling a little better today though but I have school to attend and then hw to do. Unless I finish hw early and hope I don’t get worse on my health, I’ll be able to continue them. 

I’m still grumbling though, haha because I really wanted to sneak out of bed to draw a few but then I felt dizzy…even sickness says “no can do” 

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I should go to sleep *wow my anatomy slipped whoop haha*

I’m super tired! WOW I finally decided to finish the freebies I owe on the thread I made on DN [NA]! Sadly, I’m not accepting any more since I have a lot of things to do! Q 7 Q  DId these all today! My hand hurts so much but At least I got a whole page done! *few more pages to go though—ghh*

Anyway, I haven’t been on NA servers…since I have buddies that are playing at DNSEA (my husbando, Shippa included) So yeep yep! This isn’t to say that I don’t miss you NA players! ; Q ;  I love you guys so much too! You guys kept me going on drawing and stuff! I did not forget you all!*+* Maybe your names—*COUGH* b-but not your presence! If that makes sense? *Sweats*

Konnichiwa, Moa-san! I was wondering what is Okosan's religion? Lord Pudi?

I believe Okosan is Puddhist.


when walking with my sister nowadays

CUTE! awwww<3  I am often mistaken for my lil sister’s twin. Even though we’re 4 years apart. 

My OC, Verance “Vera” Bielto from FabricatedWorld RP group.

Whenever I feel sad, I end up drawing this OC to make me happy. (‘:

He always brings a smile to my face<3

Animal Boyfriend Sketches *for fun*

[Trying out different coloring styles! Maybe I can feel confident on touching the commissions and AT without hesitation…]

*Animal Boyfriend is an app for Android and iOS*


[TRANS] Ishida Sui’s message about Tokyo Ghoul (fully translated and compiled by me)

JAS [Wendy’s Animal Boyfriend]

I had fun drawing this bust for Wendy. I tried a different approach for coloring. (v///w//v) 


people that hate Mado Kureo please consider the following

  • His wife was killed by a ghoul leaving him to take care of his daughter by himself
  • He was actually a really good father
  • image
  • image
  • You probably only give him shit because he isn’t attractive(see how a lot of fans praise and love Juuzou)
  • He wasn’t a heartless monster
  • He was doing his fucking job. 
  • Fuck you